Lindsay Lohan In a Swimsuit Holidays With Handsome Male

She's been getting a charge out of a mid year long occasion crosswise over Europe. And, unmistakably, Lindsay Lohan's opportunity in the sun...
live music promoter

Live Music Promoter

vintage synths

Moogie Wonderland

touring band

Tour Of Duty


Limp Bizkit, From Nu-Metal Titans To Cred-Free Flops

Limp Bizkit were the heavyweight champions of millennial rage. Fred Durst's explosive cocktail of rap and metal, animosity and aggression, machismo and self-pity tapped...

Mickie Most 1938-2003

Mickie Most, one of the most successful British producers ever has died of cancer aged 64. Born Michael Peter Hayes in Aldershot, Hampshire, in 1938,...
Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty Confusion

Xzibit is Mr T

Xzibit is Mr T


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Live Music Promoter

The life of a live music promoter seems pretty easy - poncing about with laminated Access All Areas passes, hobnobbing with bands and making...

Moogie Wonderland

For many musicians, vintage analogue synthesizers will always be sexier and more desirable than any guitar. Even if the machines have been surpassed technically,...

Lars Ulrich: ‘The White Stripes Blew My Mind’

Metallica are winding up to take their rock juggernaut back on the road. The band were one of the first ever to prevent pre-release...

Tour Of Duty

Life in a touring band may well throw up Class A opportunities for sexual encounters, drug consumption and a little rock'n'roll, but how do...


Julia Sarr-Jamois Style

"I don't own very much black," confesses Julia Sarr-Jamois, "I like to mix unexpected things, like wool and leather or bright neon and pastels." That's...

Julie Macklowe Travel-Friendly Skin-Care Line

If you are Julie Macklowe, here is your career trajectory: Speed through college in three years with degrees in economics and commerce. Move to Hong...


Forever Marilyn

Women loved her, and men loved her even more. More than fifty years after Marilyn Monroe's early death, her disarming beauty still holds the...