50 CentFor someone who spends most of his waking hours in a bulletproof vest, 50 Cent is a very relaxed, cheerful man.

“I’m just happy to be here,” he beams. “I’m making music that makes the whole world sing. After my life, I gotta be happy about that!”

50 Cent isn’t like any other superstar rapper. He’s different from Jay-Z, Ja Rule, Nelly or P Diddy. The only characteristic he share is that he works to hip-hop time, which runs at least three hours later than everyone else.

Otherwise, he’s totally different. He’s neither truculent nor grumpy, he doesn’t mumble or moan or carry on another conversation when he’s talking to you. He looks you straight in the eye, slaps his hands together and then he’s off. He’s not like a rapper at all, he’s like a boxer talking up a fight.

“Well, I’m different from most dudes in the rap game because I ain’t making anything up. All those thing I rap about, they really happened to me. And now, being famous is like being an attractive woman. Everyone is an option. All I worry about it my next move.”

Which is?

“Oh man, I’m going to expand this thing! I’m going to take this thing to the big screen. Straight from the ‘hood to Hollywood! I’ve excited six million people already. Maybe I’m like The Hunted Man…”

The movie of 50 Cent’s life opens with a shot of the bustling south side of Jamaica, Queens in New York. Curtis Jackson was born here on July 6, 1976. His mother, Sabrina, was 15 when she had her son and was a cocaine dealer. His dad’s a mystery.

“You know how most people grow up without their parents and one day realize, ‘Wow, I’m like this because my father wasn’t there.’ Nah man, where I’m from if you’ve got both parents, this is incredible. You get one or the other, or most likely you get grandma instead of either. I never had no father and I don’t want one popping up now neither. I was born out of immaculate conception.”

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