“It’s the first single. It reminds me of ‘Spread Your Love’, it has that same stomping bassline. Everyone kind of hovers around this song. It’s not as nice as ‘Spread Your Love’. It’s more offensive. It was written while we were on the road, but the meaning has gone a bit further. It’s what this album is about. If anyone’s sitting on the fence, we cut them loose from the start”.

Six Barrel Shotgun

“A lot of people will have heard this from when we were on tour. We spent half of the album budget mixing this fucking song. That’s the most memorable thing about it for me right now. It’s got that trade-off vocal that Peter and I have got good at doing. It’s a pretty relentless fucker, a kind of Stooges thing. I wanted that spirit to be there right at the start of the record”.

We’re All In Love

“It’s like a ’70s-style Stones song. This was one that came alive when we recorded it. Peter came up with this amazing Ry Cooder Slide guitar part. It’s the most straight-ahead rock’n’roll song we’ve ever done”.

In Like The Rose

“This is the most un-straight-ahead rock’n’roll song we’ve ever done. We can’t play this song live, we’ve got to learn it. It’s got this tremolo guitar running through it and also this futuristic Manchester groove. It’s a lot of people’s favorite. I wrote this one and I find it difficult to talk about what my lyrics are about. I get a bit foggy. I could talk to you about Peter’s all day though”.

Ha Ha High Babe

“It’s so simple. The song just repeats this one line. It’s got one of the coolest basslines. Peter actually plays it on the record. This whole album is going to remind people why you need a bass player in your band!”


“This song sets everything straight. We’re not the figureheads of anything. This song sums that up. The lyrics say it all, an interview is the worst place to talk about it. I don’t think a lot of new music is changing the course of history. ‘New rock revolution’ are three pretty strong words and I don’t think we feel a part of it. I don’t think many people do”.

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