Shade Of Blue

“This song is a masterpiece to me. It’s got the spirit of the Jimi Hendrix Experience. We’ve captured it in a way we never thought we’d manage. That’s why I like it. It’s another one where the words explain a lot of it”.

US Government

“I just hope this will come out after the whole thing in iraq has subsided. When people see the words ‘US Government’, they just think of a war. This song isn’t about the war. It was written a long time ago and it’s changed many times”.

“I think the war maybe gave people a glimpse of what they weren’t seeing every day. We’re just not safe, not safe in our own beds. This song is meant to pull the blinds up a little for a few minutes”.

“I like the idea that the title is a command. It’s not passive” Robert Turner

And I’m Aching

“This was the last and final addition to the album. I think the album needed the change that this song brings. It needed that drop. This is just one acoustic guitar and the one voice. It hints at where we’re going next”.

“Sonically I think it’s one of the best-recorded acoustic guitars I’ve ever heard. It fills every space in the speaker”.


“This is an older song that we’ve re-recorded. I don’t think we’ve ever played it live. We got so many people asking us to put it on this record. People had heard it on a demo that got out years ago. We kept getting nagged about it, so we thought we’d do it”.

Rise Or Fall

“We’ve never played it, no-one’s heard it and it’s the fastest song we’ve ever done. We hit the sound barrier. Nick could barely play it, now he can and I’m really proud of him. It’s got an industrial, Nine Inch Nails feel to it”.

Heart And Soul

“We didn’t want to end the album with a ballad. You can fall into that cliche sometimes. It’s and easy way to tie a bow on a record, but we wanted to do the opposite. We wanted to make the album feel like a live experience. We’ve played this a lot at shows. What we ended up doing when we recorded it was piece together all the best moments from 100 different shows we had recorded. We took the best bits and made it into one big thing. It’s a really uplifting song, we’re playing the most free that we can”.

© NME 28 June 2003

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