Chris Colonna, production don and brains behind the Australian Neptunes – Bumblebeez – has spoken about working with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sugababes and being pursued by Britney Spears and her management team.

One-time New York art college attendee and current New South Wales pig farm resident Colonna is one of the most sort after producers of 2003. His remix of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ ‘Bang‘ was the track of Australian fashion week.

“It wasn’t an official collaboration. I grabbed their stuff ‘cos I sort of hung out a bit with them in New York and in London ‘cos we have the same management team,” he told. “They’re just really nice people, we muck around with stuff, then people find out and they get really exited about it and I get a bit scared!”

Colonna has also collaborated with Peaches (“but I think she’s doing her new album herself now”) and provided music for the Next Sugababes LP.

“I’ve just been making beats and stuff for them,” he said. “It’s just sort of transferring of files to and fro. I’m going back over to the UK soon ‘cos we’re going to play some gigs in early September and I think we can sort a bit of stuff out.”

And as for the interest from Britney, he’s pretty chuffed but not really expecting anything to come of it. He added: “When I was in America a lot of the stuff got played to her through A&R and managers, so… I’m not sure. I’m sure she’s probably heard some of it!”

Colonna’s production work will appear under one name while his own work will appear under the name Bumblebeez. “It’s like how The Neptunes differentiate between The Neptunes and NERD I suppose,” he explains.

Bumblebeez release their debut EP ‘White Printz‘ (Wichita) on August 11.

The Bumblebeez (previously known as Bumblebeez 81) is an Australian indie band, formed by Christopher Colonna and his sister Pia Colonna (AKA Queen ViLa). The band’s music has been described as a, “cut’n’paste collision of noisy hip-hop and rock.” Their full-length debut album was Prince Umberto & The Sister of Ill, released in 2007.

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