Chris Martin dream mean

What does Chris Martin dream mean? analyst Jordan Paramor explain what swimming with Cameron Diaz and suicidal tabloid hacks tell us about what is going on inside the Coldplay frontman’s head.

“I had this dream that I was in a swimming pool and Cameron Diaz was swimming underwater and this girl that I go out with that I never talk about, she was in it as well”, Chris joked. “And Dominic Mohan appeared under the water with a camera and I was like”. What does Chris Martin dream mean?

“The meaning of the swimming pool is very literal and signifies Chris is feeling out of his depth where a situation is concerned. He feels that the attention constantly heaped on him is a massive pressure, one he’s not sure he can handle”.

“The appearance of another big star – Cameron Diaz – alongside Gwyneth in the pool shows that Chris is still thinking of Gwyneth in quite childlike, excitable terms, and is still slightly in awe of her. It’s almost like he can’t believe his luck and feels like a schoolboy who has comehow managed to land the girl of his dreams”.

“The appearance of Dominic Mohan signifies Chris is terrified someone is going to tarnish what he sees as his perfect relationship by interfering. It’s no secret that he hates the attention his and Gwyneth’s relationship receives, and the camera in the dream signifies that he feels that no matter where he goes, he will never be able to escape the glare of the lens”.

“The fact he saves Dominic in the end of the dream shows that although Chris feels bitter and angry towards the media for hassling him and often feels like lashing out, he has a gentle nature and would never purposely do anyone any harm and hates having enemies”.

© NME 23 August 2003

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