Coldplay. From left to right: Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion

Would you pay $350,000 to sing with Coldplay? One girl did last week on the final night of their triumphant American tour at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

Something special happened at Coldplay’s final show of their North American tour on Friday night. One lucky fan got the chance to join the boys on the Madison Square Garden stage after bidding a whopping $350,000 in a charity auction. The money raised went to a good cause – The Robin Hood Foundation – and the woman got to sing ‘In My Place’ alongside frontman Chris Martin.

Watched by stars including Woody Harrelson, Mike Myers, David Bowie and Rachel Weisz, one lady, known only as Christy, gave $350,000 to charity to sing ‘In My Place’ with Chris Martin.

“Treat her like a rock star and cheer madly for her”, Martin told the audience as she nervously got onstage. It shows just how far Coldplay have come. At the start of their word tour at the London Royal Festival Hall one pissed punter staggered up onstage to belt his way through ‘Yellow’ without spending a penny!

The cash raised from the New York show went to the local charity Robin Hood, who give money to various good causes in the area.

Chris Latham, a spokesman for Coldplay, said: “She wasn’t the greatest singer in the world, but it went really well and the audience loved it.”

Louisa Smith, who won an competition for her and a mate to be flown out for a long weekend and see the gig, witnessed the guest vocalist.

“The trip was really good fun. New York was absolutely amazing”, she told. “I saw Coldplay in Sydney three years ago, but the difference was amazing – this gig was so much better, the Americans absolutely love them. When Chris asked a competition winner up onstage I thought that was a really nice touch”.

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