Eminem rap superstar

Eminem rap superstar. Hip-hop throws up some unlikely alliances. The RZA and indie director Jim Jarmusch? Proto-thug pioneers The Beatnuts and Arsenal centre-forward Thierry Henry? Bessie mates all.

To this list you can add Eminem and Zane Lowe. For some reason Marshall, unapproachable uncooperative Marshall, and the goateed Kiwi hip-hop-come-lately Radio 1 presenter gets on like a house on fire.

When you might think that a two-part radio documentary by the latter about the former might be an unquestioning exercise in brown-nosing, you’d be wrong, and the clonseness of presenter and subject makes for some intimate, personal material.

Lowe doesn’t stint on addressing the ‘dificult’ subjects – homophobia, exessive crudity, paranoia – and is laudably restrained in his hyperbole regarding the rapper’s works.

What comes across is that, attacked from every side, from his family to the US government, Eminem needs friends wherever he can find them, and if one of them wants to make a documentary that gets as close to ‘the truth’ as we’re likely to hear, Marshall will stop goofing off and play along.

Marshall Bruce Mathers III (born October 17, 1972), known professionally as Eminem, is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, and actor from Detroit, Michigan. Eminem rap superstar.

Zane Lowe (born Alexander Zane Reid Lowe; 7 August 1973) is a New Zealand-born radio DJ, Live DJ, record producer and television presenter. After an early career in music making, production and DJing in New Zealand, he moved to the UK in 1997, coming to prominence through presenting on XFM and MTV Europe, before hosting a new global music show on BBC Radio 1 from 2003–2015. He now hosts his own show on Apple’s international radio station, Beats 1. Lowe has also developed a DJ career, with sets at various concerts and as a warm-up act for touring bands.

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