Eminem slams rap rivalry

Eminem slams rap rivalry. Eminem makes a stand against rap rivalry in his video for his for forthcoming single ‘Like Toy Soldier‘.

In the promo, Eminem watches a rapper die of gunshot wounds in hospital as his memory flashes back to MC battles and the pair of them dissing each other on record.

The end of the video sees Eminem putting his microphone on the floor and walking away, fuelling recent theories that he is to quit the music business.

Eminem has also made his political views known once more in the latest issue of XXL magazine. The rapper, who’s mocked the Bush administration in his video for ‘Mosh‘, said: “I’m disappointed and I voted for Kerry. Hopefully (Bush) can live up to the promises that he made during his debates and pull troops out of this war so we ain’t so deep into this”.

He added: “He started it, so maybe he knows how to get us out of it… I tend to not believe that”

Eminem slams rap rivalry. Eminem’s sterling discography illustrates a triad of celebrated and ill-famed trends that resonate throughout his career. In an interview released in 2010, Compton emcee Game spoke on Eminem’s devastating ability to destroy people on the mic. Here’s what he had to say:

“If you notice in Hip Hop, Eminem is the only rapper that nobody ever wants a problem with, including myself. Eminem is the most lyrically insane. Even when I was going at 50 Cent and me and Dr. Dre weren’t seeing eye to eye, I stayed away from the white dude ‘cause he a problem. I don’t think there’s a rapper he won’t slay… You don’t want a beef with Eminem, he shreds emcees for real. He can’t be seen by nobody, not Jay Z, nobody. You don’t mess with the white boy.”

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