Some bands are born filthy, some bands become filthy and some bands have filth thrust upon them. Bristolian electro-punkers Chikinki would claim to be the third type of band. They’d also like to claim that the nearby ‘gentlemen’s sauna‘ in London’s Docklands, where they’ve just posed in the buff, was all an elaborate ruse set up by us (as if, dear readers, we would ever stoop so low!) and that the stench of rutting that follows their every move is through no fault or volition of their own.

“It’s all the record company!” protests keysman Boris Ecton, as the settles down for a post photo shoot pint.

“They’re trying to pimp us out!”

The evidence, however, would suggest otherwise. Last November, a box of assorted Chikinki promotional sex aids, something which has ensured that the entire newsdesk have been walk it a bit funny ever since.

The video to their ‘Assassinator 13‘ single features the band – Ecton, plus Rupert Browne (vocals), Steve Bond (drums), Ed East (guitar) and Trevor Wensley (more keyboards) – completely starkers. As if this wasn’t dirty enough, the band have songs called things like ‘Fucking With Our Clothes On’ and ‘Wave Your Hands In The Air If You Like To F*ck’.

“We’re not just about sex,” counter Ed. “We have songs about drugs as well.”

Chikinki feel together at the turn of the new century in Bristol, a city which, after shaking itself free of its old trip hop shackles, was hot housing a fabulously self-sufficient rock’n’roll community. Trying, as many have before, to fuse guitar dynamics with the science of beats, yet adding the cunning twist of doing it well, they found themselves aligned with a new breed of U electro rock darlings who fuse sonic adventure with clusterf*cking swagger.

Their first album ‘Experiment With Mother‘ was good enough to earn them a major deal, and after a year in the studio with New Order producer Steve Osbourne, the ‘Take Me Out‘ LP was born. A journey to the edges of sound a good taste, it’s set to complete the excellent work done by singles ‘Hate TV‘ and ‘Assassinator 13‘. But enough of this feckless biography – we’re on a mission to make Chikinki admit they’re filthy fuckmongers with depraved minds.

“One of the good things about rock’n’roll is that it’s sex music,” concedes Boris. “And there’s definitely an element of that in our live show. Now that we’re on the road all the time, we can bring out the side of us that would have to be restrained in a normal job. There’s nothing sexy about working in an office, but when you’re in a rock’n’roll band you can let it all out and be as filthy as you like.”

So it’s fair to say that being in Chikinki has made you all become better lover?

“I’d hope so, yeah!” he guffaws in a heave unbecoming his slight frame. “But sometimes you know… when you have a really filthy show and you get home to bed it’s like you’ve shot your load already, youknowwhatimean?”

Not really, Rupert. Which is probably why you’ve got a future of sleaze-ridden stardom ahead of you and we, sadly, have not.

© Dan Martin @ NME Magazine 17 Januari 2004

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