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Har Mar Superstar has headed off to Ibiza for a summer residency at Manumission. Here, in his third fortnightly column, he teams up with Didz Cooper at Glasto and passed out at a Manumission sunrise.

The last two weeks have been unexplainable unless you were there. I arrived with in London with my five backing dancer looking forward to a couple of warm-up shows, party nights at the Columbia and Glastonbury.

Needless to say much of it is a blut at this point. I intended to stay at the festival for just the Friday night and ended up riding home with Didz from The Cooper Temple Clause and friends on Sunday night, passed out and snoring loudly over Guns N’Roses‘ ‘Appetite For Destruction‘. With just a toothbrush and a wad of cash in my back pocket I survived one of the best parties of my life.

I won’t dwell because everyone has been singing the praises of Glasto ’03 before it even ended. Lots of ladies, new friends, pills and coktails made it hard to leave. My favorite memory has to be hitching a ride somehow to the front gate in the back of a trailer going insane speed and laughing hysterically at Jeppe (Senior Junior Senior) as we all bounced towards freedom in the early morning.

Segue to the day after, when I tried to stay alive through Manumission with no recovery time. The sunrise cam and I had to pass out. When I woke up I was not pleased to find my head swimming with a dizzying sinus infection.

Somehow I managed to get back to London, party with Bez, meet the Boilerhouse Boys, and record the new version of my next single before I played a not-so-secret show with Queens Of Noize, who have become my favorite party people, at the London Camden Barfly.

I had killer time spinning records with Jeppe early on, but when it was time to do my set I found myself reeling in some heavy depression and suicide fantasies thus couldn’t really look at anyone.

My apologies to anyone I spat on, called a c—-, or ripped off by playing only six songs, but, hey, sometimes those are the most memorable shows. If you could head my sheepish giggle right now, you’d forgive me.

I just saw The Rapture play amazingly at London’s Cargo, and am extending my invitation to come see them rock my room at Manumission on July 22.

It’ll be a hilarious treat to see how the house heads deal with their guitar assault and learn how to dance to a live band. I now have my own pimped-out table with tons of free champagne in the VIP room… and suddenly things don’t feel so bad.

© Har Mar Superstar @ NME July 19, 2003

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