Iggy Pop - Sziget Festival
Live on the 15th of August, 2006. Budapest, Sziget Festival. Grand Stage. Iggy Pop (shirtless), Mike Watt (bass guitar), Scott Asheton (drums).

In the early-’80s, maybe 1982, I was in a punk/goth band. At that time I was listening to bands like Joy Division, Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Cure and the Cocteau Twins. They were the staples,. But it was a bit dreary and doomful. And a girlfriend of mine introduced me to Iggy Pop – not personally, but to his music. My girlfriend said, ‘You’ve got to hear Iggy Pop because it’s all about going wild‘.

I instantly identified with his sence of Joy and pain. His music was always good mood music and it made him feel powerful. He is very simple in his poetry but he says a lot in few words. I think that is really impressive. And also he was so loveable, even though he was an outsider and a one-percenter. He was someone everybody could love.

I met Iggy Pop… I went to a party in LA and here, at this party, on the floor, listening to my records was Iggy. I walked in, saw him and I didn’t know how to feel. I just turned around and I ran away.

I though of leaving the house because it was so overwhelming. But then he cam out and said, ‘Hey man, is this you music? You guys are really great. Do you want to go on tour?’ So I said, ‘You’re my idol!’, like an idiot. Ha! He just winked at me and smiled.

So I toured with Iggy Pop. We did our second or third Jane’s Addiction tour with Iggy. I remember sitting with him at a table and I was really missing my girlfriend. When you first go off on tour and you’re really in love, you really miss your girlfriend. If I saw him today I’d say, ‘Hey, do you remember the time I was crying about my girlfriend?’.

My favourite Iggy record is ‘Fun House‘. That’ll always do it. I listen to a lot of music buy my tastes have gone in a lot of different directions. There’s a lot of popular music that I don’t listen to. But I know almost every word of Iggy Pop. All of his songs. For some reason I digest them, because I trust them.

In Iggy I see a man that never compromised. I love that about him. He shows that a man can be sexy at any age, umcompromising and eternally youthful. I don’t think he’s changed a bit.

What To Buy

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