The Libertines

A major question mark hung over the future of The Libertines this week as the rift in the band appeared to have widened.

The Libertines were planning to play a UK tour without vocalist Pete Doherty, dates that included a massive gig supporting The Coral, as well as a high profile set at Glastonbury this coming weekend.

Doherty claims that following his failure to show for the band’s European dates last week he spoke to bandmate Carl Barât who said he didn’t want him to return in his “current condition“.

“I thought it was a sick joke when (our manager) said not to show up because the band would not welcome me,” he wrote on the website. “But having spoken to Carlos it is true – he does not want to play with me, in my current ‘condition’. I’m not sure what he means but he’s deadly serious and it’s settled”.

In a lengthy post, Pete admitted he’s been “unreliable and let people down” in the past. He added: “I can see if from their point of view, Gary, John and Carl have worked like martes (sic) and I just expect to show up when I choose. They have made a stand and I can’t just swan up and plug in a scream it all out any more. I don’t want to be in that position any more, I don’t want to have all of ’em relying on my whims”.

A spokesperson for The Libertines told the rest of the group will go ahead with the UK shows with or without Pete “so as not to disappoint the fans”. However, it is unclear what will happen after Glastonbury. “It’d be a major shame if the band split up at this stage. They’ve recorded ‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’, which is their best single so far”, he added.

Pete claims he wants to get a new band together. “I am not comfortable with the line-up and over the months have repeatedly (if a little cowardly in my subtleness) tried to explain to Gary and John that I don’t want to be in a band with them”, he wrote.

“My capriciousness deters them from taking me seriously but that is the way it is. My new songs are all I have, along with my liberty, and everything has to be just right from now on in. I need to start singing my new songs, and I want to play with other people”.

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