Julia Sarr-Jamois Style

I don’t own very much black,” confesses Julia Sarr-Jamois, “I like to mix unexpected things, like wool and leather or bright neon and pastels.”

That’s just part of the reason Sarr-Jamois is one of new generation that, by attracting bloggers and photographers outside of shows at Fashion Week, has helped shape the public’s idea of what –and who– stands out in the industry.

The scene, especially in Paris, is not unlike the frenzy of a major award show, photographers moving pack like through the Tuileries, lenses fixed on bright young things like Sarr-Jamois.

It’s great that people are paying attention, but it can be a bit scary to see pictures of you and your friend cropping up on the internet!” The London-based editor developed her inimitable sense of style way before her every look was documented online.

My first show was at Chanel couture, when I was thirteen. I remember being in total awe,” recalls Sarr-Jamois, who has not lost that sense of wonder.

Now she looks forward to attending Prada in Milan every season and seeing young British designers flourish in London.

The Meadham Kirchhoff show was one of the most exciting I’ve ever seen!” she says.

“I was smiling the whole way through”

Julia Sarr-Jamois is fashion editor for Wonderland magazine. She became the editor in November, 2010 and has since become a fixture amongst the style set during the European fashion weeks. She is known for her perfect afro and unique mixture of denim, color and accessories.

Julia’s first foray into fashion was as a model for Diesel and Fred Perry, however she felt that she needed a more creative career, so delved into styling. She began an internship at I-D magazine after leaving college.

Her love of vintage fashion stems from her mother’s stall at the Brixton market, during the 80s. She confides that most of her favorite denim is from her mother’s collection.

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