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Britney’s Blouse

One thing guaranteed to bring out Durst’s ugly side is women. Especially younger and more famous women who expose him as a dick to all the world. Fred fell pretty hard for Britney Spears during their two-week fling back in 2001, but Spears later denied the affair.

Asked by Glamour magazine if she had a thing for Fred, Britney replied: “I think him for me, but not me for him.” Fred was forced to issue humiliating denials of her denials on America’s Howard Stern Show, claiming the teen-pop queen tried to seduce him by arriving at his LA studio in a see-through blouse.

“She was kind of making a fool out of me, acting like we were never hanging out,” Fred protested in Rolling Stones. “Like we weren’t, like, being intimate with each other. I was already dealing with the big backlash of hanging out with her in the first fucking place, and I was sticking up for her on my website, to my own fans.”

After Fred’s Howard Stern appearance, he claims, Britney left him a message: “Fred, you better watch your back, because you are seriously fucked.” The Bizkit mainman says he is keeping all her message “just in case I ever need them”. Angry postings on the band’s website made it clear Fred was sick of talking about Britney, although he was reduced to kissing-and-telling again in The Sun.

“I was pretty upset when me and Britney ended,” confessed Durst. “Was my heart broken? Yes. Things were getting out of control and Justin was calling her and freaking out. He had never seen her with another guy before. I have run into him a couple of times since then but nothing was said about Britney.”

On the question of Britney denying the relationship, Fred said: “She took advice from somebody and started lying about us. It really annoyed me. I have spoken to her a couple of times and she’s apologised about the way things happened.”

Whatever the true version may be, she came out of it looking way better than he did, with Fred’s mean side once again on public display. He even claimed that a song on the album, ‘Just Drop Dead’, was inspired by Britney. Later he denied this, insisting the song is “about a girl who acts like a whore”. Ah, that old Durst charm strikes again.

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