Limp Bizkit Concert

“Worse Than Those Little Limp Bizkit Bastards”

Nothing has dented Bizkit’s credibility more than their bitter bust-up with their former touring buddy and partner in rhyme, Eminem.

Although they were thick as thieves on the Anger Management tour in 2000, a rift developed soon afterwards when Bizkit’s DJ Lethal sided with Everlast during Em’s long-running battle with his rap rival.

The first public hint was when Eminem left Fred’s high-five greeting hanging at the MTV Music Video Awards in September 2001. Dissed in front of millions. Ouch.

Em made it clearer still in D12 track ‘Girls’, slamming Lethal and Durst as “cowards” and “sissies”. Fred came in for a special verbal battering: “You fucking sissy/Up onstage screaming how people hate you/They don’t hate you/They just think you’re corny since Christina played you”. Just to be sure, Em added the Bizkit to his shopping list of hate figures in his 2002 comeback smash ‘Without Me’.

For a band who always milked their bad-boy reputation as a marketing tool, feeding off a vague suburban rage, being slammed as wimps and phonies by America’s most wanted outlaw entertainer is a killer blow.

With his global profile and rebel cool, Eminem used to be Fred’s secret weapon against Bizkit haters. But that weapon went off in his hands, and a battered Bizkit came out of it looking like they had been hoisted by their own might-makes-right posturing. No contest.

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