Limp Bizkit Live Concert @ Festival Les Ardentes Liege 2011
Limp Bizkit Live Concert @ Festival Les Ardentes Liege 2011

Why Are We Waiting?

Limp Bizkit’s cavalier attitude to gig appearances and interminable recording delays have probably done the most to alienate the band’s army of fans, especially in Britain.

After pulling out of UK dates in June 2001 and dramatically cancelling their Download Festival set at Donington in June in 2003, Durst has strained by loyalty and patience of all but the most devoted.

Dismissing the Download no-show on Bizkit’s website, Fred blamed recording sessions for the new album, claiming: “Sometimes you just have to go with the flow of creativity and we’re doing just fucking that!” Oh yeah? Cheers.

Fred also said of these latest Manchester and London shows: “The fans in Europe have been so good to us we want to give them something back.” Fine sentiments. But given Bizkit’s erratic record, by the time you read this, they may have blown their last chance to do just that.

More seriously, perhaps, the gap between Bizkit’s multi-platinum best-seller ‘Chocolate Starfish…’ and the much-hyped, long-delayed fourth album is dragging on well into injury time.

Several release dates have been announced over years, plus numerous puerile titles including ‘Panty Sniffer’, ‘Bipolar’, ‘Less Swoes’. Now called ‘Results May Vary’, it was debuted at a swanky London hotel the day after went to press. “The saddest song is called ‘Drown’,” Durst revealed recently. “It’s about realising it’s getting close to the end. Things are getting crazy. It’s my cry for someone to save me before I drown.”

Right. After years of false alarms and disappointments, most Limp Bizkit fans know how he feels.

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