Pretty Girls Make Graves
Pretty Girls Make Graves and Nardwuar at Teamworks HQ, Vancouver, BC, Canada!

If emo-punk wailers Pretty Girls Make Graves were a shag then they’d be the feistiest, funniest, most energetic ever.

Fronted by the totally sassy Andrea Zollo (who started PGMG with bassist Derek Fudesco) and roudner off by drummer Nick DeWitt, guitarist Jason Clark, and guitarist Nathan Johnson, the band’s rollicking in 2002 debut ‘Good Health’ sparked a bidding war for their frenetic services.

The fight was won by Matador, who will release the new LP ‘The New Romance’. The album is part No Doubt, part At The Drive-in (‘All Medicated Geniuses’) and has the kind of emotionally charged lyrics that would make Morrissey proud (‘Blue Light’, ‘Something Bigger, Something Brighter’). Caught up with the band over sushi in New York and played true or false…

True or false: Singer Andrea Zollo is the coolest girl in rock to come around since Karen O pulled on her torn fishnets and poured beer all olver herself.
Derek: “True”
Andrea: “False!”
Nick: “It’s totally true!”
Andrea: “I was actually born before Karen O. No! Nooooo! You can’t ask me this question! Ha ha!”

True or false: Pretty Girls Make Graves were put together by the United Colours Of Benetton to create the most racially and sexually diverse band in rock today.
Andrea: “True! Ha ha!”
Nathan: “I shop there all the time. And I read Colors magazine”

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