GLC Goldie Lookin Chain

some of what you are about to read is true. Most of it, however, is complete bollocks. This is the never-before-told, uncensored tale of welsh hip-hop phenomenon Goldie Lookin Chain (GLC). In their own words…

In the beginning…

Maggot (Tallest man in hip-hop, GLC’s chief scamster): Nineteen eighty-three was the year it all started. You know you get the Chinese year of the snake, dragon, monkey or whatever? Well, 1983 was the Year Of The Chain.

Dwain P Xain (GLC’s producer): it all started at a party we had at someone’s house whose parents were away. I don’t know whose party it was or whose house it was, but I remember asking someone where the toilet was and it wasn’t their house. It was odd, because I remember who people held a game of golf which was nine holes inside and nine holes outside.

Eggsy aka Mr Loveeggs aka Pele Maradona aka Arther Zico (the Chain’s fulcrum): It was being in that room with a load of people that made us want to be in room with a load of people. When you’re growing up you get to spend a lot of time in rooms with people getting wasted. But then you get more responsibilities and the weight of the world gets on your shoulders and you have kids.

We wanted to just be in a room with people forever… The next day I put a few posters up. It was just a picture of a cat to get people’s attention that said, ‘LOST… no really, but do you like the following things: do you like relaxing? Do you enjoy the company of other people at the weekend? Do you like smoking draw?’ The response I got was amazing. We got loads of people leaving messages. You know like after September 11 they had the big wall with all the things on it and they were looking for people? It was a bit like that you know?

“It’s like being part of a secret sex cult. but without the sex” Mystikal on life in GLC

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