Slipknot Live In London at Live Download Festival 2009
Slipknot at the Download Festival in 2009

Slipknot have become that latest metal outfit to be implicated in gruesome murder, after two people stabbing their friend to death.

Jason Lamar Harris, 20, and Amber Rose Riley, 16, of San Bernandino, California, are charged with stabbing Terry Ray Taylor, 22, more than 20 times and slashing his throat. Taylor’s body was found in Perris Hill Park, San Bernandino on April 24.

According to the San Bernandino County Sun Newspaper, two detectives testifying in the case said Harris and Riley described the details of the killing to them. They said that the pair quoted lyrics from ‘Disasterpiece‘ from Slipknot’s ‘Iowa’ LP, and that Harris and Riley had been listening to the song before and after the murder. The lyrics run: “I wanna slit your throat and fuck the wound/I wanna push my face in and feel the swoon”.

Prosecutors claim the murder had been planned for months. The case goes to pre-trial this week (July 18). Due to the severity of the crime, Riley will be tried as an adult.

The Slipknot controversy comes close on the heels of another murder case that put the music of Cannibal Corpse under the court’s scrutiny. On April 2, 2003 Jonathan Stephenson beat a young woman to death with a tree branch and claimed to a fellow inmate that Corpse’s music was the inspiration for his crime

In 1995, 15-years-old Elyse Pahler was murdered by three classmate in California who claimed that listening Slayer led them to commit their crime. The band were sued by the victim’s family in an action that rolled throught the courts until it was finally dismissed in late-2001.

And famously the finger of blame was pointed at Marilyn Manson following the Columbine school massacre in 1999 when Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold murdered 12 students and a teacher before killing themselves.

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