The Blueskins

One of the greatest things about pop music is that a truly interesting record can come from anywhere. Even Gawthorpe.

You know, Gawthorpe? It’s that tiny place off the A638 between Wakefield and Dewsbury.

Anyhow, absurdly young Gawthorpe four-piece The Blueskins (chirpy guitarist/singer Ryan spendlove, curly-topped muso bassist Maff Smith, laconic, Ringo-like drummer Paul Brown and John Squire-lookalike – circa 1966 – Richie Townsend) have somehow concocted one of 2003’s most exciting records in said minisule hamlet.

User Friendly‘ rattles through its allotted two minutes with such ferocity that it would be disrespectful to call it simply breakneck: this is more head-removing.

Guitars, bass, drums, and vocals appears wired to the ceiling on raw, slippery hormones, while a harmonica solo straight wraps the bugger up in under three minutes.

Flip it over for ‘Blue Sneakers‘ and you’ll hear the sound of a teenage Led Zeppelin thrashing the arse out of ‘Rock And Roll’ in their parents’ leaky lean-to.

“What the hell’s going on here?” we thought, and took them to the seaside so they could tell us…

“We used to get right fucking pissed up on cider and sing whatever was released at the time” Ryan Spendlove

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