The Glitterati

Anyone who says that they’re not in this game for the money, the drugs, and the backstage is a liar. And glam-punk friends The Glitterati sure as hell don’t want to be call liars. “We’re in this for totally selfish reasons,” smirks drummer Billy James.

“Why try and over-intellectuals things?” adds lead guitar John Emsley.

“We just want everything that comes with success – it’s the single best lifestyle you can have”

Then band spent years dragging their unholy cacophony of sleaze-fuelled rock’n’roll around the Leeds circuit until they have realized it wasn’t getting them anywhere and relocated to the capital.

It wasn’t easy – lack of finances meant rehearsals in derelict churches, gigs in fish and chip shops and learning how to survive purely on scrambled eggs and white cider. It also meant the band snuggling up in bed together because “it was freezing and we couldn’t afford central heating.”

“Well, that the excuse we used!” laughs lead singer Paul Gautrey.

Other methods of keeping warm have been less successful – two members have been set alight during the band’s history. The first time was when guitarist Nic Denson’s duvet caught fire. The second time was when the band celebrated bassist Jamie Snell’s birthday with a triple flaming sambuca. His attempts to down it in one backfired, but luckily Nic was on hand to smear anal lube into the burns.

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Here Comes A Close Up – (2004) (Atlantic)

The Glitterati – (2005) (Atlantic) #128 UK
Are You One of Us? – (2010) (DR2 Records)

2003     “Do You Love Yourself”
2005     “You Got Nothing on Me”
2005     “Heartbreaker”
2005     “Back in Power”
2009     “Fight Fight Fight”[3]
2009     “Overnight Superstar”[4]

“Do You Love Yourself?”
“You Got Nothing On Me”
“Back in Power”
“Keep Me Up All Night”
“Overnight Superstar”

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