Will Coldplay split?

Will Coldplay split?. Coldplay left fans on edge following their V festival gigs – with Chris Martin saying he isn’t sure if the band will return from their 12-month break unless they can come up with some “really amazing” new songs.

The weekend’s festival appearances were Coldplay’s last in the UK for the foreseeable future, with Martin saying the band are going to “hide away for 12 months” to start work on their Album Of The Year ‘A Rush Of Blood To The Head’. The band already have some new songs.

However, Martin warned fans that unless he could top that record, he might not bother coming back at all.

“It’s the end (of the tour)”, he said of the gigs in the UK. “Whether we’ll come back, I don’t know. To be honest I’m petrified – it’s so frightening being in England, I feel like everyone really hates us at the moment”.

“I think we have to go away and reinvent ourselves and really come up with something amazing”

“We’ve got some amazing stuff but I’m just nervous about it”.

Martin said the success of the band’s second album has given Coldplay opportunities they never thought possible, but there’s also been a downside – the tabloid attention on him and girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow. It all came to a head last month when Martin allegedly squared up to a photographer who was taking pictures of him surfing in Australia.

“It’s recently come into my life, this thing, and it’s a really odd thing, when people are following you around and making you mad”, Martin told Virgin Radio. “It’s not really a big deal, it’s a very First World problem”.

Even so, the Coldplay singer has struggled to take this mind off it, and has even started having dreams about high-profile tabloid journalists such as The Sun’s Dominic Mohan.

“I had this dream that I was in a swimming pool and Cameron Diaz was swimming underwater and this girl that I go out with that I never talk about, she was in it as well”, Chris joked. “And Dominic Mohan appeared under the water with a camera and I was like, ‘What the fck are you doing?!'”.

“I took the camera off him and threw it off this building and he got really angry with me and said, ‘I’m going to kill myself’, and I was like, ‘Don’t do that’. He jumped down two stroyes, but landed on the balcony, which was a really great move. Then this guy attacked him and I threw a lump of wood and knocked him out and Dom thanked me. That was the end of it!”.

Will Coldplay split?

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